OUR VISION: “All patients in Uganda at the centre of health Care, research & Development”

OUR BELIEF: Uganda Alliance of patients Organizations (UAPO) is a National, patient-driven, independent, national advocacy organization with members who are from across different disease areas. UAPO’s fundamental belief is  the first expert is the individual who lives with the disease, and who provides a unique perspective is all too often absent in health care, research and development. To us patient-centered healthcare and Universal Access is that the healthcare system is designed and delivered to address the healthcare needs and preferences of patients so  healthcare is appropriate and cost-effective by promoting greater patient responsibility and optimal usage, and we believe patient-centered healthcare leads to improved health outcomes, quality of life and optimal value for healthcare investment.

OUR MISSION:“Facilitating an environment where patients are empowered to actively get involved in engaging providers, policy makers and researchers in access and sustainable quality health care services”

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